Hell it's Her! Sponsorship in Academic Emergency Medicine


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 Hell It’s Her! – What is a Sponsor with Dr. Deborah Helitzer

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What's is sponsorship?

"Sponsorship is the public support by a powerful, influential person for the advancement and promotion of an individual within whom he or she sees untapped or unappreciated leadership talent or potential."

Sponsors use their political power to support people with less political power. Sponsors are not necessarily personally invested in the outcome for the person they are sponosoring.


What’s the difference between a mentor and a sponsor?

"First and foremost, sponsors must be highly placed in an organization and have significant influence on decisions regarding advancement. In contrast, mentors can be at any level in the organization. The ability to mentor does not depend on position or power; selection as a mentor is likely to be related to scientific or professional credibility and reputation."

Mentors and sponsors fill different roles in your career. You likely will need both to truly advance your career.


How do I find a sponsor?

Ask to meet with people who's careers you would like to emulate. Learn how they got to where they are.

Get your name out there- attend conferences, network, make connections!

Here is a link to the article we discussed "Sponsorship: a path to the academic medicine C-suite for women faculty?"



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